About Us

The Recruiting Master List was created in 2021 to help student’s connect with College Football Coaches, and help their recruiting process. It has now evolved to include Basketball, Soccer, Softball, and Track, with more Sports coming soon!

The Recruiting Master List has conveniently gathered every CFB Coaches contact information in one place. We have College Coaches Names, Phone Numbers, Email Address, and Twitter Handles. What really makes this list special is that we also tell you if the contact’s DMs are Open! Our List has Links on All Info, so just Click & Follow, Click & Go!
Why is knowing if a coaches DMs are open’ important?
If a Coach DOES NOT have DMs open, they must follow you before you can send them a message. This means a coach must know who you are before you can communicate with them.
When a Coach DOES have their DMs Open, you can send them a message, even if they have not followed you. This means you can introduce yourself to the coach with a message without them knowing you yet. This makes the opportunity to make connections much easier.
Not All Coaches Have Their DMs Open. The Recruiting Master List Saves You TONS Of Time!

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